About Us

Creative Spirit is dedicated to the imaginative expression of spirituality through the arts and education. Spirituality has always been our clear focus. Since 1989 (beginning as Performing Arts Ministry) we have brought creative spirituality to churches, schools and groups throughout the upper Midwest. Over the years, Creative Spirit’s programming includes storytelling, music, dance, a theatre troupe, drumming, mime, clowning, performing arts specialists and the visual arts. We exist to help schools, churches, and any group with a spiritual quest to incorporate the arts into their programs and services.

Creative Spirit is non-denominational, and as such, we have the freedom to work in any setting and explore spirituality in every creative direction. We are a diverse group of artists and teachers who have served our communities through education, programs, performances, workshops and more. We have worked with children and parents preparing for first Eucharist, we have held celebrations of the Winter Solstice, we have sponsored May celebrations of Mary the Mother Jesus, we have led women’s drum and ritual groups, we have done artist-in-residencies on Celebrating Diversity and directed theatrical productions of the Passion of Jesus.

Creative Spirit’s work evolves and grows with the needs of our clients and audiences, always seeking to open minds and hearts to new, deeper spiritual experiences. In every situation that we work, Creative Spirit encourages audiences to transform their world by celebrating and living social and spiritual values.

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