Programming Staff

GabeHorseGabriel Ashley Ross
Gabriel has an MA in Catechetics and Liturgy and is the director of Creative Spirit. She has worked in educational and church settings for 35 years. Gabriel has taught courses in theology, world religions and speech, at the University of St. Catherine’s.  She is a trained drummer and visual artist.  Her special interests are Celtic Spirituality, Eco-spirituality, Women’s Spirituality, animals and the arts.

Rachael KroogRachael Kroog
Rachael is a singer/songwriter/naturalist and dreamer who is living her dream of working with children, music and nature. Her life’s work is about weaving powerful spiritual themes through music and drama. She creates a multifaceted presentation customized for each particular audience. A naturalist with the MN Zoomobile for over ten years, Rachael focuses on the metaphors in nature and the spiritual lessons we can learn from all creation.

CatrinaCatrina Huynh-Weiss
Catrina has been with Creative Spirit since the age of 12 when the organization was known as Mesmerize Improv Theater and later, Performing Arts Ministry. A freelance events and television/video producer, she has produced programs and shows for PBS, Discovery, The Travel Channel, and C-SPAN. She now works with Stagetime Productions. As an educational performer for Creative Spirit, Catrina plays roles of all ages, choreographs solo dances and assists in artistic and events programming.

SHauna & Tyler

Shauna Hennessey & Tyler Stamm

Shauna likes acting. She also likes teaching. Sometimes she does both. After graduating in 2011 from Viterbo University with a theatre degree, she picked up the odd job now and then, but wanted to become a teacher. This past May, she was admitted into the Master of Education program at the University of Minnesota and is currently pursuing K-6 grade licensure while student teaching at Lucy Laney. She likes her 3rd graders almost as much as she likes working with the Creative Spirit team.  Tyler is from Milwaukee, WI and received a B.A. in Theatre from Viterbo University in 2011.  He works at a bakery during the day and puts on his super actor cape on at night.  He’s worked with Heart of the Beast Mask and Puppet Theatre and LOVES PUPPETS!  He also loves making funny voices and being tall.  He really likes being tall.  And riding his bike.  His bike’s name is Fancy Joel.