Befriending Creation Camp

A camp for inner-city “tween”-age girls to give them the opportunity to explore their spirituality by experiencing nature and connecting to creation.

“I entered Befriending Creation as a fuzzy little caterpillar, and the camp became a cocoon for me in which I have been transformed in countless ways. Not a single girl in the camp was ever mean to me. Everyone accepted me and I accepted them, and together we encouraged each other to explore Creation and learn from it. We sang songs and made beautiful art in our journals, and of course enjoyed every minute we spent together in nature. All the counselors guided us and appreciated each and every one of us girls for who we were. For the first time in a very long time, I finally belonged somewhere. I began to see nature as something I not only loved, but was a part of. The sky became my brother and the trees were my strong sisters. No matter what happened, Creation never judged me for who I was. These connections and this understanding helped me grow…I am no longer the quiet little mouse skittering around people and hiding in dark corners; I am the proud red fox darting through the lush green trees, making a path for others to follow.” — Clare, Jr. Camp Counselor

The goal of the Camp is to provide girls the opportunity to explore their spirituality by experiencing nature and connecting to creation.

Each morning students visit sites where they learn to connect with creation (past sites have included the Wildlife Science Center, Mississippi River, the Raptor Center and Bunker Park Stable, Peace Garden). In the afternoons the girls explore innovative ways to express their insights about creation; including poetry/story writing, music, acting and movement and visual journaling projects.

Most of the camp costs are subsidized by Creative Spirit’s funding program.