Women in Prison Soul Journaling

This program was featured in the Star and Tribune newspaper
“For Inmates, A Healing Process Through Journaling”

Offering women at the Shakopee Correctional Institution the experience of visual journaling to explore their lives, discover new and deeper pathways and find hope for the future.

Biopoem by Angel

Smiling, humorous, positive and loving.
Relative of Prairie Land, daughter of the West End, friend of every living creature, child of love.
Lover of stars glistening at night, sand in my toes, bright rays of sun on my skin.
Lover of knowledge for all, positive attitudes and drug-free lives.
Lover of the reservation, bright light city of St. Paul, bright rays of sun on my skin.
Who feels positive, optimistic, open-mindedness and willingness to move forward and conquer anything that gets in my way.
Who needs positive influence, love and loyalty to be able to keep my heart beating.
Who fears the unknown, death of self and others and rejection due to past reflections.
Who would like to see the day I walk out of the prison to be with my loved ones. They give me unconditional love, positive reinforcement and no judgment.

“I forgive you . . . world, and that includes me, for the harm we cause each other each and everyday.We all walk on this same earth that is shared by one and all. Every action, every thought affects more than one person. It ripples out into the oceans of life on this planet. Just look at the single crime I committed . . . the repercussions of that one horrendous act will live on in eternity. But I must finally forgive myself for that. For I truly believe we all do the best we can with the tools we have at that time. As long as we keep learning to be better, we will continue to create a better world” – Prisoner’s Journal Entry, Women in Prison Soul Journaling Program

“I came to class hopeless, but have realized I do have reasons to be hopeful today . . .now! Thank you. I’ve always been told who I am or how I’m supposed to think, so it was a great challenge to get to know who I am.”  – Long-term Prisoner

You do an amazing job. It means so much to have someone care and take time for us. I’ve been very emotional through this whole process. It has kept me from holding in, allowed me to express my feelings.” – Prisoner in Mother’s group

Ms. Gabriel was a great teacher. She gave me great subjects top share with my son (age 8). This class was a wonderful way to spend Saturday morning. THANK YOU!” – Prisoner in Mother’s group

This class enabled me to find some peace and solitude, express myself and feel and learn more about me. Deep soul-searching. Relaxing atmosphere. AWESOME.” – Prisoner in Mother’s group