Women in Prison

This specialized program (featured in the Star and Tribune newspaper) engages women at the Correctional Facility in Shakopee, Minnesota in creating a journal using words and images to reflect on their lives and express their concerns, hopes and paths of transformation. The sessions meet weekly for two hours per session.

“I came to class hopeless, but have realized I do have reasons to be hopeful today . . .now! Thank you. I’ve always been told who I am or how I’m supposed to think, so it was a great challenge to get to know who I am.”  -Long-term prisoner, Women in Prison

You do an amazing job. It means so much to have someone care and take time for us. I’ve been very emotional through this whole process. It has kept me from holding in, allowed me to express my feelings.” – Mother’s group, Women in Prison

Ms. Gabriel was a great teacher. She gave me great subjects top share with my son (age 8). This class was a wonderful way to spend Saturday morning. THANK YOU!” – Mother’s group, Women in Prison

This class enabled me to find some peace and solitude, express myself and feel and learn more about me. Deep soul-searching. Relaxing atmosphere. AWESOME.” – Mother’s group, Women in Prison

CreativeSpiritDrummersWomen’s Drum and Ritual Groups

(This can be done as a one time introductory workshop or an ongoing group.)

Enter into “the Celtic practice of listening for the heart beat of God within all things.” (Phillip Newell).  The drum is a tool for moving the spirit.  Come to explore the drum, learn how the drum can be used in ritual, healing and mediation. The group focuses on the drum as a spiritual expression of Celtic Spirituality.  Participants can bring their own drum and drums can be provided. Gabriel Ross has led drum and ritual groups for ten years.

IMG_2080Mother/Daughter Reflection 

(High School – Adult Women, time adjustable, one-and-a-half hours or longer.) Mothers and their daughters explore their relationship and the gift they have been to one another. The celebration includes discussion, reflection, one-on-one time and ritual.

MysticRivirPicMystics at the River 

We live on the banks of the Mississippi River and yet many of us have not experienced the mystery, beauty and wildness of the river and its surrounding woods. This gathering of women offers four mornings of journaling, hiking, writing, drawing, rituals and communing with the river.  Led by Gabriel Ross, a Master Naturalist,  the program is offered every June.

Women Spirit

Gabriel Ross facilitates ongoing women’s spirituality groups using books like: She Who Is by Elizabeth Johnson or Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. The group time includes discussion of the readings and exercises to facilitate spiritual growth for women.