The program was perfect – hilarious AND meaningful! – parent, A Very Touchy Subject


KIDSPIRIT! (Grades 1-6 or intergenerational)

Featuring music, masks and merriment, this celebration focuses on the values of kindness and respect.  Rachael employs interactive music, creative drama, storytelling, humor, juggling and a balancing act in her one-woman show, assisted by the audience and a trunk full of props.  This engaging performance empowers kids to make a difference in their lives and in the world.

Rachael KroogCustomized Presentations: (Grades 1-6 or intergenerational)

Rachael is available to work with you on designing a specific program that addresses your theme, including Advent/Christmas, Halloween, 1st Eucharist and Reconciliation, Safe Touch, and more.  Special programs are available for Catholic Schools Week or Earth Day.


KidPerformance_4KidPerformance_3Artist-In-Residencies:(Grades 4-8)

Rachael will work with your students to create a celebration for a specific occasion. Student groups meet with Rachael daily (private schools) or weekly (churches) to prepare programs that include music, movement, art and drama.  Themes like those listed below are developed to fit your needs: “Hands of Peace” (focusing on living peace in our diverse world) or “Befriending Creation” (celebrating God’s presence in all creation – perfect for Earth Day)

Safe Touch Programs:

rach&chin&kids“A Very Touchy Subject” (Grades 1-6)

Written and performed by Rachael Kroog., this 50 minute interactive presentation is designed to empower kids and give them tools to keep them safe by following safety rules.  Kids learn to: Stop and Think – ask adult permission to Stop and Feel – trust your instincts to Stop and Act – tell a trusted adult if you feel threatened, confused or uncomfortable. Rachael uses a puppet, music and lots of action to engage kids in this important learning experience.

SHauna & Tyler“Safe Space”  (Grades 7 – 9; a 50 to 60 minute time frame)

The workshop themes center on personal power and include: setting boundaries, developing your inner alarm, critical thinking and your right to say “no”.  SafeSpace centers on four compelling scenes for student/parent discussion.

One scene explores an inappropriate relationship between a couch and a student athlete.  In another scene kids at school harass a new student.  We provide a discussion outline for parents/students.

Sacramental Prep:


Mini retreats that are 1.5 hour-long led by Rachael Kroog and available to parents and students for the following sacraments:

First Eucharist: Using drama, storytelling, symbols and parent-child activities, participants experience the past, present and future implications of Eucharist. The invitation to “share the bread” is given to each child and parent.

Reconciliation: The choice of changing a “heart of stone” to a “heart of flesh” is the central theme of this retreat. Parent and child activities, group prayer and drama add to the celebration of forgiveness in relationships.

Confirmation: High School students and sponsors/parents discover the challenge of living Jesus’ values. Participants are empowered to see the choice they have in enhancing or ignoring God’s creation. Several focus topics available: Living Your Faith, Gifts of the Spirit, Sacraments of Initiation.

Parent Sacramental sessions are also available for Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation.

Befriending Creation Camp:

Horseback riding at campSummer Day Camp for girls ages: ten to fourteen (held in early June each summer)

The goal of the Camp is to provide girls the opportunity to explore their spirituality by experiencing nature and connecting to creation. Each morning students visit sites where they learn to connect with creation (past sites have included the Wildlife Science Center, Mississippi River, the Raptor Center and Bunker Park Stable.  In the afternoons the girls explore innovative ways to express their insights about creation; including poetry/story writing, music, acting and movement and visual journaling projects.  Cost per participant:  $125.00 (cost is subsidized by Creative Spirit’s funding program).


IMG_3593KidPerformance_1Spirituality of Music (one or two hour seminar)

This engaging seminar presented by Rachael Kroog includes a large group presentation (with a short power point) that focuses on a multi-cultural exploration of music and some exciting research that is being done on the healing effects of music.  The seminar also includes original-live music, a variety of recorded music, small group time and opportunities for singing and sharing personal experiences of how music has touched your own life.